Beyond the Barriers
International Summer Training Program - 2006
Description of the Program.

To bring together activists and facilitators of NGOs  who work on the issue of Inter-ethnic dialogue, in countries in a state of continuous ethnic or national conflict, in order to exchange experience and ideas how to cope with the situation in their countries.
The Project participants will learn about conflict resolution methods and about possible role of the youth in creation of a peaceful multi-cultural society.


The Training Program is hold in one of the Seminar Centers in the North of Israel and run by the well experienced team of Friendship Village


A - Learning about multi-cultural society through  inter-cultural experiences, joint activities, workshops, lectures.

B - To learn about Jewish-Arab relationships and about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, through direct meetings with the involved partners on spot.


The Training Program will combine the following components;

1 -  Studying problems of multi-cultural society. Tensions and conflicts created by cultural diversification of it's components will be emphasised, as well as coping with  these factors on peaceful way. Methods of peaceful conflict resolution will be learned.

2 - Facing the complexity of the Arab - Jewish relationships in Israel. Studying the roots and elements of the Israeli - Arab, more specifically the Israeli - Palestinian conflict.

3 - Approaching the multi - religious experience of the Galilee, in which Jews, Moslems, Christians and Druz live in peaceful co-existence - in spite of  growing racism, inter-ethnic tensions and conflict between Israel and the Palestinian people

4 - To meet landscapes, interesting sites and people in the Galilee, the North of Israel and in the Negev - the southern desert of Israel and, if possible, in the Jerusalem.

    Educational program;

    Personal and cultural acquaintance in small groups.
    Acquaintance with the Arab - Jewish and Israeli - Palestinian conflict.
    Jewish - Arab relationships in the State of Israel. History, present situation.
    Studying national and ethnic conflicts in  societies, the  Seminar participants came from.
    Coping with different sorts of conflicts. Similarities and differences. Suggestions to solution.
    Influence of national and ethnic conflicts and struggles on status of women in these societies.
    Nationality in the end of 20-th century.
    Majority - minority relationships in multi - cultural societies. Present situation, ways to
    inter-cultural dialogue.
    Role of the youth in application of peaceful solution of national, ethnic, cultural conflicts in multi

    cultural society.

    Budget: 56.052 $

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