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The "Friendship Village" is an International Seminar Center for guiding young people toward living in a multi-cultural environment. The essence of its mission is - respecting the "other" and learning about him or her, the same time to recognize and to build what is in common between people coming from different cultural, national, religious or ethnic background, especially those who share common social frameworks or live within the boundaries of the same country. Education for peace and democracy is a logical conclusion of multi-culturalism.

The Friendship Village focuses on education for inter-cultural understanding, respectful coexistence inter-cultural and inter-faith cooperation, based on real equality, tolerance, democracy and peace. In the Friendship Village young Israelis, Jews and Arabs are educated through varied educational methods, to live in a multi-cultural society, based on peaceful co-existence and cooperation for the benefit of all its components.

The Friendship Village was grown out of "Re'ut-Sadaka", the veteran Jewish-Arab Youth Organization in Israel. In 1996 it was registered as an independent Non Profit Organization.
Building of the Center is still in stage of planning. Readiness of the Galilean Arab town of ShefarAm, to support the Project by land, infrastructure and services will make the building of "Friendship Village" possible to realise.

Since 1998 Educational Programs are run by the well experienced team of the Friendship Village. These programs include Israeli - Palestinian and Israeli Jewish-Arab joint projects, as well as International projects for activists in European and Mediterranean NGOs, focusing on inter-ethnic dialogue on various levels.

The message of Friendship Village is spread through various, well structured as well as spontaneous educational activities, such as workshops and seminars of various duration, in addition to courses on academic level. Most our project focus on agents for social and political change. Efforts are devoted to extended cooperative projects with formal and informal educational organizations.

When the Center's building will be completed, young people from Israel, from other troubled countries of the Middle East and abroad, will get opportunities to learn about the character, the culture, the real needs and interests that lay in the basis of their conflicts. They will also learn to cope with their conflicts through non-violent means.

Our Projects include Israeli - Palestinian Training Program for young political activists, International Summer Training Programmes and several multi-cultural workshops, focusing on woman students for education and teachers. We are preparing expansion of our activity toward additional fields, such as multi-cultural social and community activities by using theatre, dancing and other artistic means, studying the common past of the various ethnic communities, living in Israel - through joint touring circle and more.

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